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Ηistory of Ithaki

Ithaca is the island that gives birth to the idea of the journey, the promise of return, nostalgia and expectation. Its citizens, the Thiaki, brave and experienced seafarers as they were, followed the example of their beloved King, making sure they always had a port of return. The small island of Ithaca
in the Ionian Sea is the big surprise, a destination that is detached from the main tourist wave, entices you to explore it.


Ithaca and the “journey”.... Although certain contemporary researchers place Homer’s Ithaca in Lefkada or Kefalonia, no other land in contemporary Greece has been linked with the notion and spirit of the journey as much as Ithaca. The poem titled “ITHAKI”, one of the masterpieces by the renowned Greek poet Constantinos P. Cavafis (1863- 1933) played a determinative role, inspired by Odysseus’ travels relating to the grandeur of the human quest and of the “majestic” journey of the soul.

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